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Welcome to White Olive Collective

The Go-To Online hub for low-tox & holistic products

The time is now


Common symptoms may not be normal symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, painful periods, disrupted hormones, skin irritations, etc. Not normal!

Optimal health is your birthright. And we have a secret for you. If you want to make a change...


Hi there!

My name is Alyssa. Welcome to White Olive Collective! In 2022, I turned my passion of healthy living into a business.

After a health scare of my own, working full time with toxic chemicals in the salon and countless people around me complaining about similar symptoms, I decided to take my research and  knowledge here.

Toxins are all around us and having access to low-tox options is a message I want to spread- because let me tell ya... I was done with migraines and so much more.

-Alyssa, Founder of White Olive Co.