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Welcome to White Olive Collective

The Go-To Online hub for low-tox & holistic products


The go-to online hub for low-tox and holistic products that help you live a cleaner lifestyle & steer away from the toxic chemicals

White Olive Collective isn’t just a store, it’s a movement. They aren’t just selling products, they’re selling stories and an invitation to embrace a simpler time, when your day was only surrounded by healthy choices that made your life and health better. You can have that again. You can find that healthy is happy. Thank-you White Olive for opening my eyes to that happiness.
Brian M
The team at White Olive is dedicated and driven to find you the best holistic products! I have had nothing but an amazing experience with them. White Olive has answered all of my questions about products and they’ve helped me find what I NEED for ME! 10/10 recommend!
Julia M
Alyssa, at White Olive Collective, is an integral part of my family's healthy lifestyle. As someone who wants to live a healthier life, and provide healthier options to my family, the task of researching what products to use is daunting. Without background knowledge, I knew nothing. Alyssa’s empathetic listening and understanding of my lifestyle, and the changes I was interested in making, made me feel very comfortable sharing with her. Feeling confident to ask her questions about products both on and off her product list, with honest feedback is a service you cannot find anywhere else. I highly recommend Alyssa and you can absolutely trust each and every product she offers at White Olive Collective!
Chelsea C
If you’re looking for the best low-tox options for yourself and your family, White Olive has you covered. Making healthy decisions in every aspect of your life can be exhausting, but this shop has made it so easy! I have peace of mind when shopping because the extensive research done by their team has your back. My last purchase was the Tongue Scraper and I love it.
Dan C

Hi there!

My name is Alyssa. Welcome to White Olive Collective! In 2022, I turned my passion of healthy living into a business. After a health scare of my own, working full time with toxic chemicals in the salon and countless people around me complaining about similar symptoms, I decided to take my research and  knowledge here. Toxins are all around us and having access to low-tox options is a message I want to spread!

-Alyssa, Founder of White Olive Co