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Facial Tonic

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HOT TIP: I love placing my tonic on a disposable organic cotton round and then dragging gently across my face! 

-Alyssa, Founder of White Olive Co


Need to balance your pH? Facial tonic has you covered. Available in different varieties, you can choose your facial tonic based on your skin type or skin goals. Tonic is used to prime and cleanse the skin—preparing it to soak up moisture. 


Use after Charcoal Bar or oil cleansing routine and before moisturizing with tallow, or glow serum.


Is Our Facial Tonic Right for You?

 Even though you apply moisturizer twice a day, it never seems to penetrate your skin. You need an intervention. 


Our facial tonic uses a base of witch hazel alongside aloe Vera juice steeped in vitamin-rich herbs. This cleanses the skin and opens up the pores to receive moisture.


Chose the facial tonic that fits your skincare needs:


Calm  - Calming herbs like calendula, lavender, arnica flower, and aloe leaf soothe your skin, targeting redness. 


Hydrate - You live in a dry climate or just struggle to lock in moisture. Hibiscus, peppermint, geranium, and blue algae help you embrace a flake-free complexion.


Clear - We’ve infused all the acne-fighting herbs like cajeput, basil leaf, and hibiscus petals to soothe and cleanse problematic skin.


Brighten (Coming Soon)- Your face just doesn’t look like it used to. If you’re going through a stressful season and need an extra pick-me-up, try our brighten tonic with lemon peel, lady’s mantle, and yarrow.



Full ingredients list: Organic witch hazel, organic aloe vera juice steeped in herbs for 30 days (see above tonic description for herbs).