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Scalp Massage Brush


The Simply Organic Scalp Massage Brush gently relieves the scalp's micro-tension, while stimulating nutrient delivery to the hair and scalp. Together, these benefits boost the efficacy of scalp treatment products and promote healthy hair with each and every use.


  • Relieves scalp's micro-tension to induce relaxation
  • Stimulates the scalp by boosting the delivery of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle
  • Enhances the penetration and efficacy of hair loss products and treatments

Key Ingredients:

This product is made from plant fibers and polypropylene (PP), a bio-based polymer manufactured from natural materials such as corn, sugar cane, vegetable oil, and some other biomass.


Is polypropylene plastic eco friendly?

As a plastic product, polypropylene isn't completely sustainable, but it's an environmentally conscious option that offers a wide range of benefits over other materials. It is also a better choice than other plastics, since it doesn't release toxins, has a relatively low carbon footprint, and is safe to human health.


Is polypropylene bad for the environment?

Manufacturing PP fiber from polypropylene is a process with low impact on the environment—no toxic waste, no toxic emissions, no fluorocarbons and no halogens.


Is polypropylene actually recyclable?

Because polypropylene material is so adaptable, PP can be recycled into many different types of products, including fibers for clothing, industrial materials, kitchenware and more.